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We offer fall and spring band classes, and students register per semester. Click on the ensemble link to find out more information. 

Concert Band - Fall 

Marching Band - Fall (afterschool required)

Symphonic Band - Spring

Wind Ensemble - Spring

Jazz Ensemble - Year Long (afterschool)

Colorguard - afterschool offered in conjunction with marching band and indoor guard during the winter

When you register for classes at the high school make sure you register for both a fall and spring band class. While being in band both semesters is not required, it is the best way to grow as a musician! The counselors will work very hard to schedule you in the courses that you want and need to be successful.

If you are not sure what band class would be a best fit for you we are available to help! You can email Mr. Benitez or Mrs. Dyal at any time for guidance. 

The Marching Rams season starts during the summer and lasts through the fall semester. Students participate in many summer opportunities in preparation for the season, but if a student moves into the area at the beginning of the semester we will help you join! 

Th Marching Rams includes our wind players, percussionists, and colorguard program. 

The Marching Rams program does charge a season fee, but it can be paid in installments and we offer many fundraising opportunities throughout the year. 

Students in our band program are able to audition for many regional and state ensembles and programs. We have students that earn chairs in the Eastern District Band, East Region Jazz,  East Region Orchestra, (All State) Honor Band, All State Jazz, and All State Orchestra. 

In addition students are able to perform locally and regionally with our ensembles and are often called upon to play for special events. 

Summer camps and participation in leadership training are also encouraged for all of our students as they move through our program.

We announce these events and opportunities throughout the year and provide lessons and clinics to help them be successful. Parents will receive emails often with information as well!

All of our ensembles are available as honors ensembles! Students are automatically put in the intermediate class with the assumption that students have had beginning instruction throughout middle school. 

All students are given a theory assessment during the first few weeks of the semester. Successful scores on the theory assessment and with a playing evaluation will move a student into the proficient class.  Students can also score high enough to moved into the advanced class.  Both proficient and advanced students earn honors credit for the semester.  This definitely helps raise their GPA while being in a class that they love! 

All honors students complete an honors porject at the end of the semester. This project varies but ample time is provided to complete it and earn that credit. 

There is a huge misconception that students are not able to participate in band, athletics and academics. This is definitely not true in our band program! 

Many of our students are involved in all three aspects of life as a high school student. 

Honors classes are offered in most academic areas and our students take a variety of honors level courses throughout their time at Havelock. Juniors and Seniors are able to take college classes in conjunction with Craven Community College.  Online options are available for qualified students to help assist with schedule conflicts as well! 

Athletic coaches and the band directors work closely together to balance the students' particpation in both organizations.  Marching band and jazz band are the two organizations with afterschool commitments but our staff are diligent in helping students participate in both opportunities. 

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